Let’s get certificated! Baseline certifications and the requirements evaluation tool.

by Andrew Vincent | Jan 07, 2016 | netFORUM

Associations awarding certifications can help elevate the skills and professionalism of the profession they represent.

Baseline netFORUM’s Certification Module provides some very handy tools to help ensure that your association’s certification process is easy to manage.

The most significant piece of managing certification programs involves establishing the requirements for earning the certification. These requirements are tracked on the main profile page as well as the requirements tab of the certification program profile.

Certification Requirements 1

Keep in mind that the more requirements you establish here, the more detail your certificants will need to be considered certified by netFORUM.

Speaking of being certified by netFORUM, the individual elements of your requirements may require action to be performed in different modules. For example, CEU credits may be obtained through participation in various event sessions, web videos, or through inventory purchases.

All of these activities will be tracked directly on the individual certificant’s profile. Note in the screen shot below that there are profile tabs for Participation, Credits, and Log.

Certification Requirements 2

As you enter records and track your participant’s details, you can take advantage of the baseline Evaluate Requirements process to quickly assess their overall progress.

Certification Requirements 3

The Evaluate Requirements window provides you with a quick summary of the program’s requirements and how many of those requirements have been satisfied by the certificant.

Certification Requirements 4

The individual in the screenshot above has meet all the required elements and is ready to be issued the certification!