Let's address subscription shipping addresses

by Andrew Vincent | Dec 17, 2015 | netFORUM

Baseline netFORUM uses a primary address for both contact information and product fulfillment. This includes a wide variety of products and communications, including renewal notices, fundraising marketing, and magazine subscriptions.

The primary address for any of the CRM records can be seen as a checkmark on the address record.

Subscription Addresses 1

Primary addresses will always be the default address shown when you create orders for products and services. Because the primary address serves as that record’s default address, the primary address is often used as the shipping address for those products and services.

In the example of a subscription, the shipping address is assigned under the ship to address field.

Subscription Addresses 2

An important advantage of using the primary address as the shipping address is in netFORUM’s ability to update the shipping address automatically when the primary address changes. In this situation, any updates that are made to the primary address will automatically flow down to the subscription record.

However, if you use an alternative address (non-primary) as the shipping address, you will need to navigate to the subscription’s invoice to adjust the shipping address.

To manually change the subscription shipping address you can follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the customers CRM profile and view the active subscriptions child form.
    Subscription Addresses 3
  2. Click the GoTo arrow to be directed to the subscription’s record.
    Subscription Addresses 4
  3. Once the subscription profile displays, the current shipping addresses can be viewed under the issues tab.
    Subscription Addresses 5
  4. To edit this address, click the invoice code to be taken to the invoice profile.
    Subscription Addresses 6
  5. Once the invoice profile displays, click the edit icon for the subscription’s line item.
    Subscription Addresses 7
  6. Once the invoice detail displays, you can edit the shipping address for that subscription directly from the detail record.
    Subscription Addresses 8

Using primary addresses as subscription shipping addresses is ideal, but that may not always be possible. In those cases, you can update shipping addresses in a few easy steps.